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Special Project - Spartan Stadium Survey

East Lansing, Michigan

Williams & Works' survey group recently completed a project for Michigan State University (MSU) located in East Lansing, Michigan.  This project entailed mapping the inside of Spartan Stadium and access tunnel for an upcoming concert by U2.  With tickets scheduled to go on sale within one week, MSU was concerned the stage would not fit inside of the stadium and that the stadium’s access tunnel would not accommodate the band’s fleet of 120 semi trucks.  U2’s $40 million concert stage is estimated to be 164 feet tall and supports a video screen that weighs about 108,000 pounds.

MSU officials contacted the surveyors at Williams & Works and requested an extremely fast and highly accurate survey of the stadium.  Williams & Works was able to have a crew at Spartan Stadium approximately 40 minutes after the initial call, and the survey was completed in 2 ½ days.

Each point in the map was located from two separate control points and cross-referenced to ensure that MSU’s accuracy requirements were met.  The product was ultimately delivered on time and it was determined that U2’s stage would fit, and ticket sales started on schedule.

Click here to see our Spartan Stadium drawing


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