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East Lansing, Michigan

MacDonald Middle School – Building Addition
In 2013, TowerPinkster was hired by East Lansing Public Schools to develop construction documents for a new West Entrance and Building addition to MacDonald Middle School. The project included renovations of the existing west entrance as well as interior renovations, including the filling in of the existing swimming pool inside the building. Williams & Works' design effort included the specification of a low head pumping system to replace the existing roof and foundation drainage pump system in the below grade mechanical room. A duplex sanitary sewer lift station was also designed Williams & Works to handle the wastewater generated by the building addition. Approvals from the State of Michigan and the local agencies was obtained and construction is scheduled for completion prior to the 2014/15 school year.

Maintenance Building
In 2013, ELPS hired TowerPinkster and Williams & Works to design a new Maintenance Building at near the softball fields located at the east end of the MacDonald Middle School campus. The project would have included the construction of a pre-engineered steel building within a densely wooded portion of the property, however numerous complicating issues surfaced during the design development phase, which resulted in the project being relocated to a another property. The current project has been placed on hold until the architectural programming is complete.


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